Why the Lizard People temporarily replaced Trump

The Supreme Council, the ruling body of the Lizard People, was at a crossroads of sorts.  Donald Trump was clearly the perfect Lizard People. Perhaps Trump was the greatest Lizard People in the history of the Lizard People's centuries-long ascent from zoo animals on the constellation Draco all the way to inching closer to becoming secret rulers of all the galaxy, one planet at a time.  There was deep division within the Supreme Council on whether to retain Trump in the position of U.S. president in order to bring civil war in the United States, to start an Earth-wide war, and perhaps best of all, to elevate the Lizard People one step closer to total domination.  The Supreme Council of the Lizard People was fearful that Trump was bringing on the human apocalypse too fast, that he might blow the Lizard People's cover and accidentally reveal to humans his forked tongue when publicly praising dictators, when instigating racial violence, and when undermining essentially all societal