Why the Lizard People temporarily replaced Trump

The Supreme Council, the ruling body of the Lizard People, was at a crossroads of sorts. 

Donald Trump was clearly the perfect Lizard People. Perhaps Trump was the greatest Lizard People in the history of the Lizard People's centuries-long ascent from zoo animals on the constellation Draco all the way to inching closer to becoming secret rulers of all the galaxy, one planet at a time. 

There was deep division within the Supreme Council on whether to retain Trump in the position of U.S. president in order to bring civil war in the United States, to start an Earth-wide war, and perhaps best of all, to elevate the Lizard People one step closer to total domination. 

The Supreme Council of the Lizard People was fearful that Trump was bringing on the human apocalypse too fast, that he might blow the Lizard People's cover and accidentally reveal to humans his forked tongue when publicly praising dictators, when instigating racial violence, and when undermining essentially all societal and world leader norms. To be sure, creating chaos is clearly what the Supreme Council had in mind when they named Trump the U.S. president four years ago. But this chaos must be created without humans knowing they were being controlled by Lizard People, or all would be lost. 

As they did with other Lizard People despots in the past, and after heated debate, the Supreme Council decided that Trump was too perfect for the job. As it were, the Supreme Council never dreamed of how well Trump would perform. Because he was so good, too good, he threatened the Lizard's People's approach of slowly evolving Earthlings to their own enslavement. 

So the Supreme Council thanked Trump for his four years, and noted in the Supreme Council Registrar that no other Lizard People had carried the torch of the Lizard People so well, that no other Lizard People has produced so much chaos in so short of a time.

But some of the younger members of the Supreme Council, however, wanted to retain Trump as president, to promptly reveal to humans that he was Lizard People, and to get the Lizard People revolution on Earth over with already. 

Even some of the elder Supreme Council members knew it was time to begin playing the endgame of their chess match to domination — that Trump was the perfect and faultless Lizard People to carry out the mission on Earth. As a compromise, the Supreme Council unanimously decided to bring back Trump in four years. In the interim, Trump would serve as a leader on another planet.